Fess, FCC (Faithful Cybernetic Companion) #651919, is the faithful companion to Rod Gallowglass.


Fess was created in a factory for FCC robot brains. Due to a slip up, however, when Fess's "mind" was downloaded it was loaded with a copy of the Decloration of Independence. Fess shifted hands from many masters until finally coming into possession of the D'armand family who he continues to serve.


Fess is introduced on the first page of The Warlock in Spite of Himself immediatly shown to be a smart et epileptic robot. Initially Fess is the brain controlling Rod's ship, upon landing Fess is transfered to a robot horse body. Fess is shown in varying prominance in every book.


  • Fess's name is dervived from attempting to pronounce FCC as one word, who attempted this is unkown.
  • In the first book Fess is said to be 2000 years old, this would insist he was created circe 1000AD.
  • Fess is depicted on every cover, with the exception of te original King Kobold.
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