&nbsp The "Warlock" series, written by Christopher Stasheff, started in 1969 with "The Warlock in Spite of Himself" and has grown into a 13 book series chronicling the adventures of the "warlock" Rod Gallowglass (b. Rodney d'Armand) and his work for SCENT on the planet Gramarye.


The "Warlock" series tells the tale of Rod Gallowglasses. Who 'escape' from is home asteroid only to find himself as an agent for SCENT, an organization meant to help backwards planets find democracy and to reconnect with the Terra Sphere. Rod's first assignment is the medival planet of Gramarye, where he unlocks is latent esper powers, marries a witch, rises his family and works to achieve SCENT's goals without revealing his off-world past.


  • The Warlock in Spite of Himself ('1969)
  • King Kobold (1971, revised as' ''King Kobold Revived' (1984))
  • The Warlock Unlocked (1982)
  • Escape Velocity ( 1984)
  • The Warlock Enraged (1985)
  • The Warlock Wandering (1986)
  • The Warlock Is Missing (1986)
  • The Warlock Heretical (1987)
  • The Warlock's Companion (1988)
  • The Warlock Insane (1989)
  • The Warlock Rock (1990)
  • Warlock and Son (1991)
  • The Warlock's Last Ride (2004)