Rod Gallowglass, born Rodney d'Armand, was born on the asteroid colony of Maxima and is the main character of the warlock series.


Rod, while on Maxima and due to inheritence did not live in the D'Armand castle as expected, but in a smaller more house like home with his father and grandfather. Rod was continuously annoyed with life on Maxima and yearned to leave to explore. Rod took this opporotunity by enlisting as a crew member of a freighter in exchange for a ride off of Maxima. Before leaving Rod's father told him to take Fess with him. Little is known about the events of his life after this but it is known that he then joined SCENT and set out to find non democratic planets and bring them democracy.


The Warlock in Spite of HimselfEdit

Main article The Warlock in Spite of Himself Rod crashes upon the Gramarye to find it in turmoil, with the help of Fess and several new friends he is able to free set the planet in the right direction.


  • In TWISOH it is revealed that Rod has five middle names, what these are is never revealed.